Alluvium Control in Mountain Areas, Quito – Ecuador

Study and Executive Project of alluvial and flood control works in the basins of the southwest of the city of Quito. Project of retention works, protection of margins, channeling, packing, etc. Social work with community participation. Development of a Partial Land Use Plan. Environmental Study. Executive Project of Works and Technical Specifications and Bidding Documents.

Within the framework of the “Environmental Sanitation Program of the Metropolitan District of Quito“, the “Empresa Metropolitana de Alcantarillado y Agua Potable de Quito” (EMAAP-Q) develops the “Subprogram Slope Management and Flood Control”, which includes the carrying out works or intervention measures in areas of slopes, natural channels and in collectors of the Center and South of the city, in order to reduce the risk of landslides, mud flows, debris and floods and to promote the adequate use of the land of the slopes.

The study covered the following stages:

  • Diagnosis and formulation of alternatives
  • Feasibility and Selection of alternatives
  • Definitive Designs (Executive Project and Specifications)

Intervention area: 7,500 hectares (45% urban area, 55% peri-urban and rural area).

6 (six) creeks basins with drainage to the Machángara River.

  • Sunipamba                     415 has.
  • Río Grande                     2.684 has.
  • Ortega – Shanshayacu    2.401 has.
  • Uctupungo – El Capulí     734 has.
  • Caupicho                        376 has.
  • Saguanchi                       1.291 has.

The works included:

  • Diagnosis and Environmental Baseline.
  • Topographic, Geological and Geotechnical Surveys.
  • Hydrology, Sludge Flow.
  • Hydraulic-Sanitary Design of Sanitation and Erosion Control Works.
  • Evaluation of the Existing Sewerage System.
  • Land Management Plan, Design of Urban Improvement Works / Parks.
  • Natural Area Management Plan.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Social Studies and Community Participation.
  • Executive Project of Works.
  • Economic Evaluation of the Project.
  • Technical Specifications and Bidding Documents.

The projected works include:

  • Sanitary Interceptors.
    • Packing of gulch
    • Slope support works.
    • Pipelines.
    • Bed and solids control and retention works.
    • Flow transfer works.

Works to intercept sanitary effluents.


Quito - Ecuador


EMAAP-Q Empresa Metropolitana de Alcantarillado y Agua Potable de Quito

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