Coastal Edge of Yacyretá Lake

Technical Assistance to the Binational Entity of Yacyretá for the project and Inspection of the construction of the Coastal Defense works of the City of Encarnación (Paraguay) and Coastal Defense of the City of Posadas (Argentina), within the framework of the Plan of Completion of Yacyretá (PTY), to allow an increase of 5 meters in the elevation of the reservoir.

The Entidad Binacional Yaciretá (EBY), requested advice and technical assistance during the approval of the Executive Project and later in the construction of the Coastal Slope Protection works of the Cities of Encarnación and Posadas, works that make up the Plan of Completion of the Yacyretá Dam. The inspected works included the transfer of 1,200,000 m3 of cohesive material and the refining of 250,000 m3 of sand for the construction of 24 km of embankments, which allowed the Yacyretá reservoir to be increased by 5 meters.

Tasks were carried out during the stage prior to the start of the works and then the field inspection and technical assistance to the Client during the construction of the works.

The works involved include:

  • Embankments / dikes of compacted cohesive soil.
  • Filters for the slope soil, granular and geosynthetic.
  • Draining layers under liners.
  • Precast linersand Rip Rap type armor.
  • Transitional Structures.
  • Side, foot, crown, anchor and boot beams.

The development of the tasks involved the treatment of the hydraulic, hydrological, structural and environmental aspects of the coastal slope protection works and the execution of the works of the entire coastline was supervised, both the sectors facing the main reservoir, as well as the sub-reservoirs generated by the elevation of the lake level.

  • Review of technical documentation, designs and technical specifications.
  • Analysis of specifications, metric computations and budgets.
  • Analysis of field investigations (topography and geotechnics).
  • Geotechnical, hydraulic and structural studies.
  • Specific wave studies.
  • New designs for slope lining works (stone embankment works, precast elements and a combination of these).
  • Executive Projects for the lining of the slopes.
  • Geotechnical controls on site (densities, compaction)
  • General control over the construction of the different components of the works.




Entidad Binacional Yacyretá - EBY

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