Aeroparque Coastal Expansion

Technical studies for the project and EIA of the landfill and coastal protection works in front of the city’s Aeroparque. Project for reconfiguration of the Aeroparque road and Costanera Avenue, installation of underground parking and realization of green spaces and recreational areas. Works currently in the final phase of construction.


Technical Studies for Coastal Fill Works

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

It is a filling work located in the coastal sector in front of the city’s Aeroparque, to allow the reconfiguration of the avenue. Costanera and the materialization of green spaces and recreational areas on the edge of the river, together with the installation of an underground parking lot. It also involves the extension of the Maldonado stream conduit whose river mouth is located in the project area. These works are under construction and in the completion phase.

The project is planned on a series of strips, determined by their use, that go from the Airport to the new edge of the river, where vehicular improvement is combined with expansion and modifications to the road alignment, the construction of an underground parking lot and the use of large green spaces, allowing public access for recreation.

EIH carried out technical studies and field measurements for the design of the landfill and coastal protection works in an area of 9.3 ha and to obtain the environmental baseline in the first stage. Finally, she was also in charge of the development of the Environmental Impact Assessment with its corresponding Public Hearing and the obtaining of the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude for the work from the “Agencia de Protección Ambiental de la Ciudad de  Buenos Aires” (APRA).

In summary, the studies included:

  • Bathymetry and topography.
  • Sampling of water and sediment quality.
  • Geotechnics, with drilling in water up to 20 m deep in the bed.
  • Determination of the weather of waves.
  • Hydrodynamic study through mathematical modeling.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Public Hearing and obtaining the Certificate of Environmental Aptitude of the Work.


Aeroparque, CABA


Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano y Transporte - UPEPH del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Ending year

Obras actualmente en fase final de construcción
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