Repair and Protection Works for Erosions in Gas Pipelines TGN

Project of repair and / or protection works against erosion in gas pipeline crossings of TGN (Transportadora Gas del Norte) in rivers of different basins: 16 basins in Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán; 5 basins in Córdoba, La Pampa, Neuquén and San Luis. Field studies, topography, soils, measurement of covers. Hydrological and Hydraulic Studies. Mathematical modeling. Works Project. Technical specifications.

Due to the erosive action of the rivers at the crossings of the gas pipelines that TGN operates, it is necessary to carry out corrective or preventive works to control such erosions. EIH developed a significant number of these studies and projects in 16 basins in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán and 5 basins in Córdoba, La Pampa, Neuquén and San Luis.

The works included:

  • Hydrological studies and modeling of maximum events in basins with variable dimensions, up to 4,500 km2, in mountain and foothill areas, with the application of mathematical models.
  • Hydrodynamic modeling of the crossings.
  • Studies of erosion and stability of slopes.
  • Proposal and evaluation of solutions.
  • Design of protection works for bottom erosion and margins; including protections with mats, dissipative bowls, bridges, protection of margins, breakwaters, transversal works, etc.
  • Executive Project of the works (including design, calculation and budget);
  • Technical Specifications for Bidding Documents for Works.


Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Córdoba, La Pampa, Neuquén y San Luis


Transportadora Gas del Norte TGN

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