Submarine Outfall of the City of Ushuaia, Beagle Channel

Study and Bidding Project for a Submarine Outfall of sewage liquids for the city of Ushuaia. Field measurements and studies in mathematical models for the design and analysis of the operation of the outfall and its impact on the Beagle Channel (HDPE duct length 1000 m, ∅ 800 mm and 100 m diffusion section with 20 ports).


The Outfall Bidding Project was carried out with a definition of the duct material, types and quantity of diffusers, anchoring systems or counterweights and loading chamber, cost estimation and technical specifications of the works.

Maritime / oceanographic and water quality studies were included to determine the behavior of the dispersion plumes of the spilled liquid, the analysis of the trace and location of the tipping point, definition of the diffusion section and the area of exclusion associated with it same. Engineering studies involve the use of mathematical modeling tools, both for the determination of hydrodynamic conditions and for the study of water quality in relation to the operation of the outfall. Far field modeling was carried out to evaluate the impact of the discharges in the area of influence and near field modeling for the analysis and design of the diffusion section.

In summary, the following tasks were carried out:

  • Background study.
  • Execution of hydrometric surveys: bathymetry, current measurement, water and soil sampling, vertical conductivity and temperature measurements (CTD).
  • Hydrodynamic Studies, analysis of currents, levels and velocities. Implementation of the Mathematical Model Delft3D – FLOW, configuration and adjustment.
  • Water Quality Studies – Near field modeling (Visual Plumes) and far field scattering plume modeling (Delt3D – DWAQ).
  • Determination of the waves for the design of the outfall.
  • Analysis of the type of diffusers.
  • Analysis of construction methods.
  • Hydraulic and Structural Design of the outfall. Anchor / counterweight design. Loading chamber design.
  • Metric Computations and Budget
  • Technical Specifications
  • Maintenance plan.


Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego


Felipe Gancedo S.A.

Ending year

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